No Smartphone

More than a week ago my Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus fell on the road. Actually, that’s (usually) not a big deal, because until now (at least for me) it has always been considered relatively robust. But this time the display broke. Fortunately, the display was still working and the touch function was also working perfectly. However, I didn’t want to walk around with a broken display for a year again (like with the last mobile phone), which is why I decided to buy a protective cover and a repair set on Amazon.

SafeYourInternet (Update)

Demonstrations Short after the Members of the European Parliament have voted for the controversal copyright reform which brings upload filter with it a spontaneous demonstration in Cologne took place with around 1.500 people. Keeping in mind that this was planned in less that two days under the week that is very impressing. Some of the participants are well known in Germany like Sep (PietSmiet), HerrnNewstime, Sturmwaffel, the Marmeladenoma etc.. Most of them were livestreaming which adds round about 20.

Worldwide visitors

Analysing the visitor data Against my general antipathy against the G-Tag (Googles tracker for Analytics) I added a JavaScript snippet into the code of my blog. This allows me to see when and how who came to which of my sites and clicked the links. But from the visitors perspective I hate to see websites trying to track me and my actions across the whole internet. To avoid that I installed a plugin (uMatrix) in my Firefox browsers which blocks all traffic of third party websites.