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Repairing my windshield wiper hose

The winter keeps my busy As we all know, winter is the cold season. Thats why I often have to think about my Audi 80. After the door lock froze up the other day, I couldn’t see through my freezing windshield now. A few nights ago I drove to Münster in the dark. Because of the low temperatures my windshield was frozen with a light frozen veil. At every red traffic light, I wiped the windshield clear again to keep the view free.

The winter lets freeze door locks

Winter is coming My silver Audi 80 B3 (Manufactured in 1989) In mid-December, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that winter is dropping the temperatures, and it freezes again at night. As a Audi 80 driver the first thing you notice is that the roads are slippery. Then, if you have a car without ABS in the case of a braking, even good winter tires are no longer much help.