March 10, 2018

Queueadmin-Plugin for OTRS

As my final project I wrote a OTRS-Plugin which brings client capabilities administrating the response templates and email signatures. It allows you to grant queueadmins. They can edit this templates and signatures using a new main menu entry.

Because my university and I like open source we’ve published the sources here:
ZIVgitLab project


F.A.Q.-Tool (Sciebo)

As a part of my apprenticeship at the University of Münster I wrote a question and answer system (FAQ). Users having a problem can answer a few questions so they can be directed to the correct support team according to the problem.

Sciebo Logo

Explain Sort Order – Plugin for PostgreSQL

I extended the output of the EXPLAIN command in postgreSQL databases so it gives information about the sort order of the used indexes.

PostgreSQL Logo

Website of the Kolpingsfamilie Laer

I am the maintainer and developer of the website of the Kolpingsfamilie in Laer. It basicly runs on WordPress. But in addition it had a self written calendar function to manage the events.

Logo Kolping