Author: Marius Timmer


Sometimes my family and friends are asking me to help them with web sites. To give you a overview about all this sites and to link them all to make them look more important to search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo and co. I want to list them here. You can visit them if you want to. But let me point out that I try to give all the administration back to the “clients” because it would be too much for me in the end.

OTRS Plugins

Since we are using OTRS as ticket system at work I wrote a few plugins for it in the past years which are still maintained and used:

  • Queueadmin plugin
    • It was my final project to write the so called Queueadmin plugin for OTRS, which allows you to make the system more multi client capable administrating the auto response templates and the mail signatures.
  • ExternalData plugin
    • To extend our existing OTRS system so we can use third system data I developed the ExternalDate plugin. It allows you to connect any entities you want (stored in a database of course) with tickets by link them to make problem solving easy.
  • TicketExport plugin
    • By nature OTRS offers an ticket export function. This plugin makes it possible to export all tickets of an entire queue into PDF files. Even if this may take a few hours working with big queues.

F.A.Q.-Tool (Sciebo)

During my training/education to become a developer I wrote the question and answer system (FAQ) for Sciebo which is a cloud system based in Germany designed to satisfy the needs of universities in my country.


Thanks to my job I am involved in the development of the PostgreSQL database management system which sounds like a big thing but it is not since it is a world wide community. I am reviewing the code of others and sometimes I offer them my code which will be then reviewed as well before being implemented into the master branch. My first self written extension was the ExplainSortOrder extension. But Tom Lane (master committer) changed like everything in the end.

Volunteer firefighter in Havixbeck

Short time after graduating I wrote two programs for the firefighters in Havixbeck (The place I went to school for years). The first program is for writing a useful work protocoll and the other one helps the coordinating firefighters to check the oxygene status.