Worldwide visitors

Author: Marius Timmer

Analysing the visitor data

Against my general antipathy against the G-Tag (Googles tracker for Analytics) I added a JavaScript snippet into the code of my blog. This allows me to see when and how who came to which of my sites and clicked the links. But from the visitors perspective I hate to see websites trying to track me and my actions across the whole internet. To avoid that I installed a plugin (uMatrix) in my Firefox browsers which blocks all traffic of third party websites. Unfortunately many sites are broken since they load content (for example jQuery) from Google instead of hosting it on own servers.

Bar graph
Origin of my visitors with 50% comming from the USA, 12.5% from the Netherlands and only 37.5% from Germany

But I have to admit that I can see the advantages of it. In my case it is only a nice gimmick which I will remove in the long run. But this whole thing brought me an idea: What if “someone” would write an application which will be self hosted and analyzes the traffic but keeps the data local? Don’t be surprised if I will publish such a project one day.

My realization

Running Analytics for over an week on my site confirmed something I already knew: There is one visitor per day visiting my Blog. That was not really a big surprise to me. The interesting thing I found out was the origin of my visitors (you all). Round about 50% are originated in the united states of America. I know a few people over there but no one from Illinois to be honest. Keeping the low amount of visitors in mind I assume that they are just some poor guys stranded at my blog. But I am still a bit surprised.

What I will change now

Since this are very low amounts of people it is not a good idea to interpret too much in this all. But independent of that it may be a nice thing to maintain this blog in English as well for the future. It already is multilingual but there is not much English content by now. If I am able to find the needed time for translating everything I will add more English content even if I neglected it in the past, like in my videos. Additionally my English really sucks (as you can see). But I will try my best.