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Another demonstration against upload filters

Author: Marius Timmer

Once again in Cologne

This Saturday (9th of March 2019) I was at a demonstration in Cologne to demonstrate against upload filters together with Tobske. Unfortunately there weren’t as many people as planned, but the atmosphere was good. I also found it interesting that it started at the train station in Cologne-Deutz with 600 people, but while walking through the city many people from the side streets joined so we were more than 1,000 people. In addition, many uninvolved passers-by also stopped and looked over with interest.

Fleyer for pedestrians

From Sebo I got some Fleyer with the most important information about #SaveYourInternet to hand them over to passers-by. And indeed many people were interested and accepted the Fleyer gratefully, which I hadn’t expected.

My concerns with “#NeverCDUAgain”

Several times “NeverCDUAgain” was called. I have some reservations, because it is quite possible that some CDU voter is among the demonstrators and might feel attacked. But also because in the meantime some parts of the party have spoken out against the upload filters and the CDU is therefore split. At this point one should perhaps not generalize all members of the party.