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Upload filter decision brought forward

Author: Marius Timmer

Demonstration in Berlin

Last Saturday I was in Berlin at the demonstration against the upload filters, which will be introduced with article 13. I have already written something about this in my blog several times. And actually I only wanted to share my new video with the impressions here.

Appointment was brought forward

But in this business, things change all the time. For example, MEP Julia Reda from the Pirates has just announced on Twitter that Manfred Weber has submitted a request to bring forward the vote to pre-empt the many protests on 23rd March. On the one hand, I am really glad to see that this information is going around like wildfire and that another spontaneous demonstration has already been announced for tomorrow in front of the CDU headquarters building. However, I also hope that this will not only happen inside my filter bubble, but will also reach people outside of it. Especially in the last few days there have been more reports about this on ARD and ZDF. Therefore I am hoping that this does not remain unnoticed.

In case Mr Weber really wants to bring the vote forward to forestall the protests, it is a very coward and undemocratic behavior and shows that one has “them” by the balls. Or at least you talk yourself into it.

In my opinion, this is a very interesting political thriller taking place right now. It remains exciting in any case.