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SaveYourInternet-Demo in Cologne

Author: Marius Timmer

What caused this?

As you may have noticed, several events took place during the last few days. As I briefly indicated yesterday, there is a request by Manfred Weber for this Thursday to postpone the decision on Article 13 until the beginning of this month. This postponement is an attempt to pre-empt the rallies planned for 23 March in many European cities. This behaviour is more than questionable, as it makes it impossible for parts of the citizens to get politically involved.

For this reason, spontaneous demonstrations for tonight’s evening in five different cities were announced just yesterday evening. Together with Tobske I will take the train to Cologne today and participate there. Because of the train connection we will probably not be there until 18:30.

I will then publish a new video as soon as possible. Probably I’ll finish it tomorrow evening.By that time, it will probably be cold coffee from yesterday again (No clue if people say it like that in the English language).


I promised you to upload a video about yesterday. Now it is uploaded and is waiting for you to play it (even if only available in German at this time).