Moving with barriers

Author: Marius Timmer

Current state

The past weeks

In the meantime a few weeks have passed since I dropped off my last post. However, it is very difficult for me to find the time to write new posts for you. Same situation with the recording of new videos. Most of the time I drive to the house after work and try to get on as good as I can. Often my friends help me as well, they have much more experience and are therefore much better at it than I am. Which tasks have to be done, only becomes apparent in the course of time. At first we simply assumed that we have to paint the wall. In the meantime it has become a little more extensive.

Get those walls out

After we had started to scrape the old wallpapers from the walls, we noticed that in some places up to four wallpapers were glued on top of each other. After two days we had enough and tore the no longer needed plasterboard from the walls. To our surprise there was another layer of wallpaper underneath. Compared to the first wallpaper it was very easy to remove. By the way, we threw out the complete laminate in one room. In the meantime the new laminate is ready to be laid in the kitchen in a beautiful modern black look. Where we were in the living room but just down to the plaster, we also renewed the roller shutter boxes (before was almost no insulation in the box), a new cast steel beam (now everything is flush) and plastered the walls, because there were many holes of old plugs in it, we wanted to sink a power cable in the wall and the wall was generally quite uneven.


After that, the plaster on the walls has also dried. Yesterday an electrician took a look at all of this. Now we know that we will have to reinstall some sockets and switches. Therefore I will spend the next two days tearing down the plasterboard walls in other rooms so that the electrician can lay new cables. When we get through with it this weekend, there will be electricity everywhere in the house again. Afterwards I hope to be able to plaster the walls again, to apply primer and finally to wallpaper. Oh yes: Of course the new laminate has to be laid as well. But when we are ready, the apartment is almost ready for occupation. Or rather the living room. But you have to start somewhere.

You see, it stays exciting. Hopefully I will also come to shoot a suitable video. If I can finish it in that time is another question.