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There isn’t much to say about me. Most of the things are already told in my posts. I am Marius Timmer, born 1994 in Westphalia, a region within west Germany. After finishing my apprenticeship to become a software developer (aka Coder, Hacker or whatever) I started my full time job at the University of Münster. When I am not working or codeing private I like to travel with my friends having no certain target.

A recent photo of me
A recent photo of me

About this Blog

I started this little blog to test the software Hugo which procudes static websites. I used WordPress before for a long time. But this alternative allows me to use my loved terminal and be independent of any database system in the background. This is why I prefere Hugo now. Additionally I do not have to use that much webspace for it. The only limitation is that dynamicly generated contents via PHP are very rare now. But in context of security this is a good thing.


In case you want to contact me (And I do not mean the kind of contact my spam is full with) you can use email. Usually it is easyer to reach me with a email instead of a WhatsApp message or something because I do not like to answer my annoying cell phone all the time it rings me.

I am able to read HTML mails but I do prefer to use PlainText. So you should consider using it. This mail account is hosted by myself which is why your mail provider could deny receiving my mails. Keep that in mind when contacting me. I suggest to use PGP / GnuPG when communicating. Here you can find my public key: F792 2D50 82D7 D064 DFCC D38C 3E31 0C88 2C31 6733