Who is Marius Timmer


There’s not much to say about myself that isn’t already known: I’m Marius Timmer, born in 1994 in the Münsterland. After completing my training as a computer science expert in application development (aka programmer), I was given a permanent position and have since been working as an application developer at the Center for Information Technology at the University of Münster. When I’m not working or coding privately, I enjoy going on vacations to unknown destinations and sharing my experiences on YouTube.

A very recent photo of me
A recent photo of me

About this Blog

Many years ago (around 2007), I created my first own website using a free homepage builder. At that time, I had only known the internet for two years. I wrote about things I had seen on TV or kept a diary, the stuff kids do. My “work” on the school newspaper eventually led me to start writing short articles. However, I would delete everything within a week because I was never quite satisfied.

A few years later, I secured my domain, mariustimmer.de, before someone else could snatch it up. Now, I have owned it for over ten years, which makes me a bit proud. In the world of search engine optimization, this is a significant criterion, although at that time I didn’t really care about it. For a long time, WordPress was my tool of choice since I was already using PHP for my own experiments. For instance, I once shared my live location, which my phone continuously sent to my server, with the whole world. The usefulness of this can be debated, but it was cool that it was possible. I was probably inspired by Mario Sixtus who did something similar at that time.

During my training, I learned PHP well enough to realize that a full WordPress installation was overkill for my needs and probably a security risk. That’s why I switched to Hugo, a software for generating static websites. This was a good solution for a long time. In between, I also switched to VitePress. Thanks to Vue, it offered me even more possibilities and used techniques that I also applied at work and should generally learn. However, I have now returned to Hugo.


If you want to contact me, the best way to do so is by email. I’m likely to respond there quicker and more reliably than through my phone. Simply because I often set my phone aside for long periods and then don’t feel like responding to everything right away. Interestingly, not being constantly available via mobile doesn’t go over well with others.

Although I am able to open HTML emails, I would ask you to send them as plain text. Or just use both formats, which is the standard in most email programs anyway. I highly recommend using GnuPG signatures for email communications. You find my mail address at the bottom of this page (Fingerprint: 8180 A515 BAA9 285C 91FC ECBC 0CD8 0EC9 E66F 69BF).